These Portraits by Maico Akiba Age Disposable Objects

 - Apr 14, 2013
References: maicoakiba & walltowatch
Entitled '100 Years Later', this striking portrait series by photographer Maico Akiba examines the future of our beloved electronic objects. In addition to shooting celular phones, calculators, cameras and computer keyboards, the artist also captures clothing and footwear items that have been aged with rust and moss growth.

These portrait series by Maico Akiba makes one think about the future of their disposable objects. Thanks to ever-changing technological innovations, our society is keen on attaining the best and the latest that phone and computer companies have to offer. Because of this obsession to keep up with what's new, individuals are failing to think about where their dead technology ends up over time.

Exploring the future of our beloved gadgets, these eye-opening and eerie photographs will have one re-thinking the role of these objects in their lives.