The Magnon Strips Down the Desk Lamp to Its Bare Essentials

 - Jan 14, 2014
References: ilyatkach & dezeen
The Magnon Light is just about as minimalist as desk lamps come.

Russian designer Ilya Tkach's lamp is comprised of two pieces: a metal stand and a strip of oak wood that contains both LEDs and a magnet. The magnet runs along the wood and allows it to be stuck to the metal stand or to other metal objects. The result is a modern and minimalist lamp that is also multi-functional.

In addition to sticking the oak strip onto the stand or another piece of metal, you can also detach it and use it as a flashlight, albeit one that is plugged into the wall. The use of oak was a smart move as it lends a touch of class to the Magnon Light that might have been lost had the design been metal or plastic. The Magnon Light has not been released yet, but according to Tkach it is coming soon.