Richard Child's Design Binds Two Crutches into One

 - Aug 27, 2011
References: richardchild3d & designbuzz
For those who rely on crutches, going up and down stairs can be a pain in the arse: enter these Magnetic crutch clips. A simple yet clever innovation, these clips allow the user to bind her or her crutches together into one, freeing up an arm to help guide them up or down the stairs. Most of the time, a stairway rail will provide more stability than crutches, that are completely at the mercy of the user's balance.

Designed by Richard Child, the Magnetic Crutch Clips work in fours. The four pair off to snap together, forming pincer-like ends that then secure the top and bottom of both crutches to each other. From there, they auto-align and stay together neatly.