‘Diversity of Species in the Rainforest' Awareness Posters

 - Apr 15, 2009   Updated: May 31 2011
References: lostateminor
This green poster makes a great public awareness campaign. Its roots are German, and it comes from OroVerde, a rather fabulous non-profit organization (aka NGO) which dedicates itself to preserving the world's rainforests.

The 'Diversity of Species in the Rainforest' poster may be simple, but makes their point brilliantly. It simply shows a new 'breed' of invasive rainforest species - bulldozers and heavy equipment.

Implications - Consumers are looking to associate with brands that reflect their values through their involvement in social causes. The eco movement transcends niches, with many consumer groups associating themselves to green values. Companies looking to bolster their perception within the mind of the consumer should consider affiliating themselves with social causes that are consistent with their brand.