Rudeness and Honesty Merge in Lyvia Aylward-Davies's New Work

London-based model and illustrator Lyvia Aylward-Davies tells it like it is with her new work. Aylward-Davies uses a minimalist style to create drawings similar to those found in children's storybooks but that is the extent of the similarities between her work and kid-friendly storybook pictures.

Lyvia Aylward-Davies adds offensively honest captions to her work, giving her colorful drawings a darker undertone. One such work depicts a young woman wearing a colorful green shirt, saying: "You'll do, I guess." Another work shows an illustrated rear-end with the colorful words, "I like your butt" flashing above the cartoon-esque drawing.

With these drawings, Aylward-Davies manages to maintain a lighthearted attitude while boldly stating hard truths that some may find offensive. Others, however, will find these drawings nothing but hilarious.