The Lying Down Game Involves Sprawling Out Face Down in Public

 - Sep 15, 2009
References: facebook & vibe985
There is a new phenomenon sweeping the world. It is the "Lying Down Game" where an individual or group of people lay down in random places with their noses to the ground (or object they're laying on) and arms by their side. After finding a unique or unusual place to lay down they take a picture to be uploaded onto Facebook.

The purpose for the game is for amusement among the players, as well as shock value for any unsuspecting public that may witness the random event. It may seem like an activity perpetrated by young people, but all ages and types are getting into the non-swing of things.

Recently there was some controversy over some ER doctors and nurses playing it on a slow night at the hospital.

When I first heard of the game I'm sure I had an eye roll moment, but after seeing some of the photos, maybe I'll be the next member. What about you?