LWL70 Commissions Artistic Celebration of Retro Film Placards

British film magazine Little White Lies has developed an interesting way to look back at 1970s film history by creating LWL70, an art exhibit celebrating artistic recreations of some of the decade's most memorable and iconic films.

The LWL70 art contains poster remakes of a diverse collection of movies, ranging from some of the decade's biggest (Annie Hall, Alien, a Clockwork Orange), to more obscure films (Italian horror film Suspiria) and cult classics (B-Movie classic, Beyond the Valley of Dolls), each poster offering a different stylish homage to the original film.

Each of these visibly arresting posters are highlighted in the LWL70 art exhibit, currently being displayed at East London's Kemistry Gallery. They are also offered for sale on the official LWL70 website.