Luzinterruptus Reminds the World of the Ever-Present Nuclear Threat

 - Sep 2, 2011
References: luzinterruptus & treehugger
Luzinterruptus is well aware of the strange, almost willfully ignorant times we live in. With tens of thousands of nuclear warheads sitting idly in silos, waiting for the go-ahead, we could all be conceivably be vaporized at any moment. It's simply a matter of a rogue state, terrorists or an international debacle getting out of hand.

The anonymous art collective Luzinterruptus hopes to send a clear message to the electorate of Germany, which has just recently voted to eliminate nuclear energy as a power source by 2022: Keep the pressure on! Their 100-man exhibition at Hamburg's Dockville Festival manifests that communique. An army of vacuous soldiers dressed in radiation-proof suits illuminate the battlefield, reminding everyone that -- although we may choose to ignore it -- nuclear weapons capable of killing everything still exist. And we shouldn't allow that.

Remember that disasters like Fukushima, Chernobyl and 3-mile Island are irreversible. They should be cautionary tales, not operational "complications."