Ethereal Grayscale Watercolours with Peach Accents

 - Mar 28, 2014
References: saatchiart & arthound
Sarah Falli uses lush grayscale watercolours to paint pallid, wild women in nature. The faceless women never reveal their identity, appearing like mythical wraiths among the tangled, faded vegetation, giving the series an ethereal effect. While devoid of color, the paintings are able to somehow remain lush.

The pale flora and fauna weave together scenes of ashen nature. Pink color contrast is only used in the women's rosy fingertips and toes, so that the rest of their bodies meld with the faded foliage. In several paintings, their drifting strands of jet-black hair give the appearance of floating underwater. Vegetable roots tangle into their wandering hair. The waxen bodies, surrounded by suspended strands of hair, look like pale corpses hovering around muted grays, browns, blues and greens.