The Lulu the Baker Campfire S'mores Cookie Satiate Sweet Cravings

 - Dec 5, 2012
References: luluthebaker.blogspot
The Lulu the Baker Campfire S'mores Cookie is a dessert that is worthy of praise and thanks. Made using the traditional ingredients needed to create a campfire favorite, this s'mores-inspired cookie is chock-a-block full of marshmallows and chocolate. To give the full campfire-effect, the marshmallows should be broiled or baked to achieve that golden-brown roasted look.

Snuggle up by the fireplace or turn the fireplace channel on and chow down on the Lulu the Baker Campfire S'mores Cookie. Keep in mind that this dessert item probably is not the best choice for those looking to get a leg up on weight-related New Year's resolutions. What better time to indulge in food than the holidays? Something everyone can agree on in that the pictures of this recipe are hypnotically hunger-inducing.