Photographer Lulu Lovering Captures Emotionally Liberating Images

 - Jun 10, 2015
References: https & mymodernmet
Lulu Lovering is an extremely shy woman. She is also a photographer. Using her skills behind the lens, she has managed to find emotional liberation in a very beautiful way -- a way that will connect deeply with many others. The often dramatic and moody images capture Lulu Lovering's "emotions that lie within and offering a photographic representation of her thoughts. She uses photography as a tool of self discovery, communicating powerful stories through her lens," observes My Modern Met.

Showing the world what an alternate form of 'selfie,' Lulu Lovering is able to overcome her self-consciousness to the benefit of herself and others. The Vermont-based photographer shares, "It helped me so greatly to better understand both myself, and the way that I belong to other people and the world at large. It helped me immensely to shed my fear of sharing my experiences and how they've shaped me into the person I am today."