The LucidMood Sipper Pens Were Created to Provide the Perfect High

 - Dec 6, 2018
With recreational cannabis now legal across Canada and more consumers experimenting with different mediums and strains, the LucidMood vape pens are a great option for finding the perfect high to suit individual needs.

To make it easier for consumers to figure out which works best for them, LucidMood categorizes its different options by feeling. The three feelings are Tranquil, Comfortable, and Active. Included within each of these moods are three or four pens that consumers can choose from, all of which are descriptively named. As the vape pens are made with Terpene blends and carefully dosed THC and CBD, they help to keep unfavorable side effects like anxiety, grogginess, and paranoia from encroaching.

As the LucidMood vape pens are so compact and easy to use, they're wonderfully discreet and can be brought along wherever needed.