LoveCounter Keeps Tabs on Romantic Social Media Activity

‘LoveCounter’ by Es corporation is a heartwarming application that scans through all published tweets worldwide for the word "love," collects and displays them in real time. LoveCounter is equipped to recognize the word "love" in 7 languages including Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Korean.

Es corporation’s application is designed to keep tabs on all the love in the world. The amount of love in the world is broken down for analysis for anyone interested in knowing. The application charts which 1 of the 7 languages is saying love the most per day, week, month and in table form. Es corporation prides itself on its projects which work to bring people all over the world together for the future of a more peaceful world.

LoveCounter works on any popular browser, as well as on smartphones. Check out the amount of love in the world in real-time here.