Love Wellness' Products Help Women #TakeCareDownThere

 - Oct 19, 2016
Love Wellness is a brand that makes a variety of all-natural products for feminine wellness, health and hygiene, all of which are specifically aimed at helping women #TakeCareDownThere.

Some of the unique feminine hygiene products by Love Wellness include 'The Killer,' or boric acid suppositories, 'Good Girl Probiotics,' the pH-balanced 'Do It All Wipes,' as well as a 'Blue Tea' drink supplement that's made with blue-green algae.

The assortment of products made and carried by Love Wellness include vitamins, wipes and cleansers that are meant to be used as part of a four-step process to Erase Infections, Cleanse, Maintain and Get Intimate. On each product page on Love Wellness' website, consumers are prompted to "Take the next step" and try each item in sequence.