The Louie Cordero My We Exhibit Features Shocking Scenes

The Louie Cordero exhibit showing at the 2011 Singapore Art Biennale features some over-the-top gruesome sculptures. The exhibit, titled My We, has multiple figures impaled with numerous objects that range from knives and saws to broomsticks and shovels.

It's really a disturbing sight to see so many different items stabbed into a piece that resembles the human form. The work of Louie Cordero brings you to a level of morbid brutality that has never been seen before. Bones protrude out of the bodies as they are stabbed. The different Louie Cordero figures are seen in individual poses. One lies on the floor in agony, another seems to be pinned to the wall, while a third is on his knees with a hand raised as if reaching for help.

Photo Credits: designboom,