The Lou + Lou Yacht is Powered by the Nature it Seeks to Explore

 - Jun 9, 2011
References: superyachtdesign & ecofriend
I would hope that the people who enjoy traveling on their luxury boats actually appreciate the spectacular seas that surround them, and if they do, perhaps those who could afford it might be interested in the Lou+Lou Yacht.

This superyacht boats five expansive outdoor decks for the contemplation of the oceanic landscape, so it would be such a shame to see fuel escaping into the water from the motor at the stern. Pierrejean Design Studio aims to solve this problem with its eco-friendly concept. Solar panels soak up rays from the vast sky above which power the interior amenities of the ship. A hybrid propulsion engine drives the Lou+Lou Yacht and ensures that the experience of boating highlights nature's wonders and avoids practices that destroy them.