This EuroMillions Ad Considers Two People in Love Who are Destined to Win

 - Oct 1, 2016
References: youtube & adweek
When many people imagine winning the jackpot, they often consider how a sudden influx of money would change their personal relationships -- which is something that this lottery commercial from EuroMillions speaks to.

It starts out with a man who's shown sitting on the ground of his home at sunrise, looking at a piece of paper. He approaches his wife, who is sleeping in bed and tells her that their numbers have resulted in a win. Groggy, she doesn't understand what he means at first but eventually jumps up to check for herself.

They sit next together in tears, thinking about all the opportunity their winnings will bring. Next, the lottery commercial flashes back to when the couple first met, on an airplane. Sitting beside each other, they discuss the concept of fate in their meeting, which EuroMillions links to their choice in numbers as well to instill the idea that absolute happiness is just a bet away.