Label Ammerman Schlösberg Created the World's Cutest Lolita Dress

 - Dec 11, 2013
References: ammermanschlosberg & vfiles
This Lolita dress is unspeakably cute. Upon seeing avant-gard label Ammerman Schlösberg's adorable creation you might start squealing, like you do when you see two bunnies kissing each other. But unlike bunnies, you can wear it around town without fearing that PETA will pour red paint on you.

This Lolita dress has a light blue patent leather body. On the skirt it is paneled and the front has a little white leather bib and on top of that are large light pink leather bows. The bottom bow is fringed with black.

At the bottom of the Lolita dress are slits on the right and the left. The slits are tied with small light blue patent leather bows and through the slits you can see a silk chiffon slip.