Gain a Greater Understanding of How to Amplify Brand Identity

 - Mar 20, 2012
References: trendreports
The easiest way for a consumer to identify a brand is to recognize its logo. Companies like IBM, Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike and McDonald's have invested so much into brand awareness that their logos are identifiable all around the world. Explore the most innovative ways today's brands are using logos, typefaces and graphic design techniques to intensify brand awareness with the Logo Trend Report.

A recognizable logo makes an immediate connection between a consumer and a brand. A logo can define a brand, its industry and what its core values are. Just look at McDonald's: Golden Arches are synonymous with fast food and friendly service. Apple's apple is synonymous with innovation and electronics. And the Nike Swoosh is synonymous with sports and athletic apparel.

Use the Logo Trend Report to enhance brand identity and to track what the world's leading companies are doing to adjust their brand's image.