Johnson Tsang Brings Art to Life in His 'Living Clay' Series

Honk Kong-based artist Johnson Tsang has recently opened an art show entitled 'Living Clay' at the Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taiwan.

Some of the sculptures featured in 'Living Clay' are breathtaking creations that blur the line between solid and liquid. Tsang's clay sculptures truly live up to the title of the art exhibit as most of his clay creations appear to be imbued with life. Whether it's the illusion of movement and fluidity in these sculptures or the human faces apparent in some of these clay designs, Johnson Tsang makes you feel as if these sculptures are truly alive.

'Living Clay' is running until January 19, 2014, hopefully Johnson Tsang's art pieces will make their way to North America, as I feel these clay sculptures must be viewed in person in order to grasp how truly "alive" they are.