This Nutritional Pasta is Made with Flour Milled from Edible Live Crickets

 - Jan 26, 2016
References: bugsolutely & coolthings
Edible bugs are a great source of protein and nutritional value, but the idea of eating food made from live crickets makes most casual diners a bit squeamish. Luckily, this specialty pasta makes enjoying the benefits of insects a little more easier to swallow.

'Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta' is actually made with 20 percent insect flour, which is milled from live crickets that have been slowly roasted. The flour contains not only a high protein content, but also beneficial amounts of iron, calcium, Omega 3 and Vitamin B12.

This cricket-based food is shaped like traditional fusilli pasta and is said to have an earthy taste similar to roasted almonds. Cricket flour is also highly eco-friendly, as crickets use up much less resources to raise compared to other types of protein sources.