the Next Crime Fighting System

 - Feb 25, 2007
References: physorg & engadget
After three years of work a group of developers at University of East Anglia are ready to show to the world their new solution for crime fighting, which turning video into text by reading the lip motions in the images. With the help of a huge database of movements the cameras will be able to know what's what the observed are talking about. Once the software is finished it will be able to be installed at any video device, as the report says.

Its a bit scary, someway it's a new step to get into our lifes. I think once it's well known that this system exists, criminals will just put a hand or something that hides their mouth. But instead, maybe this system will move to marketers... For example, to see what we talk about while buying at the Malls, our reactions to music while buying, or who knows what. Well, for now let's hope it certainly helps in crime fighting!