The Delicious Threat Campaign Rids the Ocean of Excessive Lionfish

 - May 27, 2014
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There are some myths about how the voracious and venomous Lionfish invaded the Atlantic Ocean, including one that says the fearsome fish may have found their way to the ocean as a result of an aquarium exploding during Hurricane Andrew way back in 1992. Either way, oceans were filled with Lionfish rapidly eating up other aquatic life, with no real demand for Lionfish.

Instead of waiting for there to become a demand, the 'Deliciosa Amenaza' (Delicious Threat) campaign was created by Geometry Global for the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development Colombia, making Lionfish the prey to some of the hungriest mouths at the top of the food chain: humans.

Chefs were invited to turn Lionfish into delicacies and the fish meat even made its way into supermarkets, creating their own supply and demand chain. It's estimated that every Lionfish eaten saves about 34,000 fish, 6,000 crustaceans and 3,500 other species.