These Lion Matches Print Ads Sketch Out Conversations

 - Jun 18, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
There is a common misconception that lighters and matches are directly linked to smoking, however these Lion Matches print ads are trying to dissolve that. While the number of smokers worldwide may be dwindling from years past there are still numerous reasons to use matches.

Three Lion Matches print ads were created by advertising agency Y&R in Johannesburg, South Africa. Each of these three ads showcases a different scenario where matches could come in handy: a barbecue with dad, smoke with a stranger or a campfire with a friend are all situations where matches could easily break the ice.

These print ads take it one step further by using a color scheme that matches the color of the section on a match box where you strike the match against. The textual conversations on these Lion Matches print ads are also interestingly sketched out using matches, making these ads really convincing.