Spotslet Link Sharing Targets the Interests of Your Work Colleagues

 - Dec 31, 2014
References: spotslet & springwise
This link sharing platform is designed to replace irritating group email threads. Spotslet provides a way for work colleagues to share links, news, articles and other information with people who will actually be interested. Integrating social media elements, Spotslet enables businesses to have an open flow of communication while being more intentional and relevant.

Using hashtags, Spotslet link sharing allows users to follow certain topics and only learn about things they hold an interest in instead of you emailing specific people (or worse, accidentally emailing the wrong person or group). This platform has a web-based app as well as a business-targeted email feature. Users can email with the info and relevant tags, which will automatically post to their profile. Those following the mentioned tags will receive an email.