Line Rainville Pays Ultimate Tribute to the Starship Enterprise

 - Jan 10, 2014
References: mymodernmet
Line Rainville is one devoted Trekkie. The 51 year old Canadian social worker completely converted her basement in order to replicate the Starship Enterprise room by room. Although understandably not a perfect match, it is astounding the amount of work and detail that went into its construction.

Spending $30,000 to achieve the transformation, Line Rainville's renovation project began with the desire to turn the basement into a home theater. From there, Line Rainville was struck by genius and decided to model it after the iconic set.

This is the ultimate tribute to the franchise, which is her favorite television show from her childhood. Line Rainville reveals, "Standing there, being 51 years old, I was kind of beamed back into that 9-year-old girl's mind who so often wished her beloved Captain Kirk could bring her aboard his vessel."