The Linda Topic Comforter is Straight from Princess and the Pea

 - Dec 27, 2010   Updated: Aug 8 2011
References: lindatopic & dornob
Linda Topic is a textile designer whose creative comforter creation alleviates any need for bulky wooden bed frames or hard headboards. Though the idea may seem simplistic, Linda Topic is the first designer to have coined the use of a cushion-only bed.

The bed may not be back-problem friendly, but it is definitely a design marvel. The layered look of the Linda Topic bed makes for an awesome addition to any interior space.

Implications - In the constant consumer quest for products that are unique and interesting, businesses are readily adapting to the notion of simply taking an old, successful item and revamping it to be new and fresh. By recycling old ideas that have proven to be successful and designing them in a never before seen way, companies can provide consumers with a product that is unique, yet practical.