Artist Linda Hubbard Uses Art to Get Across Her Opinionated Views

 - May 4, 2013
References: lindahubbardart & collabcubed
Every painting that artist Linda Hubbard works on is full of meaning and expression as she makes declarations and fills the canvas with visual interpretations of her personal views.

Through her artwork she critiques modern North American culture, touching on topics such as politics, cultural assimilation, social fear, government propaganda and the overall brainwashing that takes place in a culture of mass consumption. She incorporates easily identifiable figures such as Disney characters, Santa Clause as well as corporate logos to point out the fact that we are surrounded by subconscious visual cues.

While sending out a serious message, artist Linda Hubbard incorporates humor and irony into her paintings to make the hard truths they embody that much easier to digest.