Billboards That Dissect the Consumer World Have Us Losing Our Heads

 - Jan 12, 2010
References: darkroastedblend
In the advertising world, the human form is probably the most common image used to sell products. We (though more skewed to the female side of things) are objectified through our frames, with companies capitalizing on everything from our teeth to our feet. It only makes sense then that the next logical step is to display our appendages on their own, sans body, or torso sans arms and legs giving us a series of limbless ads.

Every known industry and company is putting our precious attributes on display, whether they are used to sell a brand of vodka or the latest video game device. These limbless ads sure grab your eyes whether you notice the product they're endorsing or not. At the pinnacle of cutting edge and controversial, you need only one appendage to be able to put these ads out, balls.