The LikeSo App Uses Voice Recognition Technology to Analyze Speech

 - Dec 8, 2017
References: sayitlikeso
Whether in public speaking situations or simply when conversing with people in daily life, everyone has a pesky pool of meaningless filler words ad phrases that they use as verbal crutches, and the LikeSo app helps people to get rid of those to sound more purposeful when they speak. The app uses voice recognition technology to listen to users, record their speeches, and give them performance analysis.

The LikeSo app has two use modes, 'FreeStyle' and 'TalkAbout'. In FreeStyle, users can speak for up to 30 minutes on any subject they'd like; the app listens and gives a grade score based on the percentage of words that were classified as fillers. Users can pick from a selection of filler phrases
— such as "like", "actually", "totally", "so", "you know", and others — ahead of time. As with FreeStyle, TalkAbout's sessions are graded on use of fillers, but in TalkAbout users are assigned a topic by the app and have to riff on it for 30 seconds or one minute.