This Lightsaber Escape Game Turns Your Cellphone into a Weapon

Release your inner Jedi and live out your childhood dreams with Google's Lightsaber Escape browser game. This online experience allows users to battle bad guys while using their cellphones as weapons.

Following the release of the Google Chrome Star Wars themes, the California-based search engine and tech mogul has released a weapon-wielding browser game almost anyone can play. Titled Lightsaber Escape, users play as a Jedi who must escape from a ship packed with stromtroopers. To get away unharmed, users must use their very own lightsaber, which they control using their cellphone.

To unlock your cellphone's sci-fi powers, you must visit the "" site, type in the URL provided into your phone's browser, calibrate the handset and then escape the army of stormtroopers before they defeat you.