These Life-Sized Sculptures are Eccentric and Against Adulthood

 - May 21, 2014
References: alexpodesta & beautifuldecay
If eccentric fantasy and strange life-sized sculptures are your thing, make sure to check out these interesting and odd men in bunny costume sculptures by artist Alex Podesta.

Surprisingly realistic, these life-sized sculptures are designed to look like men lounging around, taming a snake and playing cards among other things in fluffy bunny costumes. I have to say it looks weird to see men in fluffy suits with pink floppy ears on any other day except Halloween. 

What the artist was trying to portray in his work was not just eccentricity, he was trying to show that these grown men are actually still young boys at at heart.

"I have culled the rich fantasies, daydreams, misconceptions and experiences of childhood and re-contextualized them through the filters of adulthood, experience and education," says Podesta.