The LifeBuoy Hand Wash Ad Campaign Shows 'You Eat What Your Touch'

 - Sep 16, 2012
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The LifeBuoy Hand Wash ad campaign may seem very disturbing, but that is the point. It conjures up images of animals shaped like the common foods people eat. As though inspired by the saying, "You are what you eat," this series of print ads follows the belief that, "You eat what you touch." Considering that people are constantly touching things throughout the day, the message will really hit home.

Conceived and executed by Nemesis Pictures, an ad agency based in Singapore, Singapore, the LifeBuoy Hand Wash ad campaign revolves around unappetizing images of a pug shaped like a loaf of bread and a hamster looking like a cupcake. The creepy, albeit hilarious, images were shot by photographer Jeremy Wong. They will forever be engrained into people's minds.