The LFEX Laser is Far and Away the World's Most Powerful Laser

 - Jul 31, 2015
References: & gizmag
The LFEX laser -- 'Laser for Fast Ignition Experiments' -- is a Japanese-created laser that could one day help unlock some of the universe's most evasive mysteries. This laser, which is situated in Osaka University, has a peak power that is equal to a thousand times the total world energy consumption -- a degree of power so high it can barely be comprehended.

The laser is created using a 100-meter-long system that works by applying energy to a special kind of glass and amplifying the power of the resulting beam inside a controlled system, which allows for observation.

It is hoped that the LFEX laser -- and other similar lasers being developed in institutes elsewhere in Europe and Asia -- could lead to major breakthroughs in physics, nanotechnology and materials design.