'Let's Enhance' Uses Machine Learning to Touch Up Low-Res Pictures

 - Nov 7, 2017
References: letsenhance.io & letsenhance.io
In the age of image-based social media, clean and crisp pictures are a must, and 'Let's Enhance' helps users cater to that social audience even if they don't have a single megapixel to their name. The new browser-based tool uses a machine learning algorithm to enhance JPEGs by a factor of four, turning grainy and artifact-ridden snaps into crisp and finely detailed images that are worthy of a smattering of likes on Instagram.

Many recently released smartphones come with impressive cameras built in, but for those with older models, professional pictures are far from a guarantee. Even those with top-of-the-line smartphones might want to zoom in on a picture and end up disappointed with the results. Let's Enhance can touch up low-res images no matter how they were taken, and it even "hallucinates" details to make images look more natural and realistic.