The 'You Eat Less Healthy Than You Think' Infograph Brings Bad News

 - May 26, 2012
References: holykaw.alltop
A chart full of sobering health information, the 'Less Healthy Than You Think' infograph is a harsh reminder to keep track of your daily diet.

Including truly interesting information about the way people perceive their food, this stat-filled and USA-focused chart is helpful when it comes to making dietary choices. Highlighting the way in which people tend to rationalize more according to how unhealthy a given food really is, the chart is sad but true. One of the most shocking stats on the infographic is the amount of calories in major restaurant chicken salads. Surprisingly, McDonald's comes out on top in this category, and Cheesecake Factory gets major flak for its 976 calorie dish.

Astounding and informative, this infograph is a quick and dirty breakdown of the way in which people's nutritional naivety plays out in the real world.