Lobethal Bierhaus Launched a Gluten-Free 'Lentil Pale Ale'

 - Feb 17, 2017
References: bierhaus.au & foodmag.au
Australia's Lobethal Bierhaus recently introduced a unique new lentil beer product. So far, just 3,500 bottles of the experimental beer product are being released as part of the first run of the gluten-free craft beer.

The Lentil Pale Ale is made with lentils that are milled with ordinary grains, resulting in a ratio of about 30% lentils and 70% barley.

In terms of taste, the brew is described as having balanced "earthy" flavors, with subtle bitter and hoppy notes that don't overpower the natural taste of the lentils. Lobethal Bierhaus Head Brewer and Owner Alistair Turnbull notes that adding lentils to the beer did not produce fermentable sugars, but did enhance the mouthfeel, head retention and flavor of the beer.