The Design for the Leningrad Siege Museum is Peaceful and Ambitious

 - Jan 24, 2018
References: & archdaily
The Leningrad Siege Museum is a small building that commemorates the bravery and suffering during the 900-day blockade of Leningrad. Recently, proposals have been submitted for a redesign initiative that would better remember this trying time in Russian history.

One of the submitted proposals is a beautiful, spiral-like structure with three main parts: The 'Thread of Life,' 'The Memorial of Heroes of Leningrad' and 'The Square of Testimony.' The design was submitted by Lahdelma & Mahalmäki Architects and Ralph Appelbaum Associates.

The concept for the new Leningrad Siege Museum is situated on a lush riverside top with natural formation that have the capacity to block unwanted noise from close-proximity roads. In conjunction with the peaceful ambiance, the architectural masterpiece can also double as a public space. Visitors are able to explore all three sunken floors of the Leningrad Siege Museum and pay tribute to the victims and survivors of this historic event.