The CHEMION LED Glasses Let Wearers Cheer with Displayed Text

 - Jan 19, 2016
References: fancy & fancy
The CHEMION LED glasses take sport arena cheering to a tech-enhanced level with digital messaging display that showcases encouraging text across the lenses. The eyewear is ideal for visually displaying the consumer's enthusiasm for an event, team or individual without having to make large noises or commit to cheering.

These digital glasses offer an unconventional way to cheer on and support others without having to be loud or create a ruckus. The glasses feature a high-tech graphic equalizer that can be programmed to play music and simultaneously display text or images across the lenses. The glasses can be programmed to showcase any type of message from a team's name or an animated illustration that moves in conjunction to the playing music. This is an ideal solution for consumers that are shy but still want to show their pride or support for fellow compatriots.