The LED Bars Lady Concept Watch is an Accessorized Time-Teller

 - May 26, 2011
References: tokyoflash & designbuzz
Like phones, timepieces do more than tell the time these days and designs should really reflect this fact -- enter the LED Bars Lady concept watch. It looks more like a piece of jewelry than an actual watch, but that is the beauty of it. Its deceptively decorative aspect allows you to look beyond the traditional purpose of a watch.

Conceived by Hungary-based designer Laszl, the LED Bars Lady concept watch bracelet is made out of semi-translucent plastic and LEDs, which are visible only when active. The LED lights on the left hand side represent the hour while the LEDs on the right indicate the minute.

The LED Bars Lady concept watch is available in two colorways: black with red LEDs and white with blue LEDs.