Hellbrand Releases a Two-Tone Leather Duffel Bag with a Hint of Camouflage

This leather duffel bag is a certified smorgasbord of materials and tones. The result: a dynamic carrier that appeals to several style preferences at once.

Hellbrand came up with the Smuggler and does a great job by using two toned sandy animal skins to give it new dimensions and depth. It also features a bold camouflage polyester lining that takes this bag's appeal up a notch. There's just nowhere it goes wrong. Even the hidden interior pocket and false floor reflect a forward thinking design.

This leather duffel is the kind of bag you use on a long road trip when you need separate compartments for clean and dirty clothes. As for other uses, the fact that Hellbrand named it the "Smuggler" might be a hint.