China's Public Dance Classics Apps Helps Moms Learn a Dance

 - May 6, 2015
References: & techinasia
After Zhang Zhiwei's mother expressed that she wanted a way to learn a dance from a stored collection of instructional videos, her inventive son got to work creating an app to do just that. Named Public Dance Classics, this app designed specifically for moms shows how to do some of the most popular Asian dance routines of the moment.

As bizarre as this activity may seem to North American markets, dancing groups of women that meet and perform in public are so popular in China, local governments have set up regulations for them. The Public Dance Classics app even features 12 government-approved dance routines, so that women of all ages can enjoy a meet-up where they can practice the moves that they learned in-app.

Realizing that there is a market of middle-aged to elderly women who are gathering to dance in public in China, the app has received backing by the Wuhan Economic Development Group and The Dreamchaser Fund.