The 'C L _ 2 Lamp' Unifies Functionality and Durability

 - Aug 12, 2015
References: levirobb & design-milk
Basic desktop furniture may not be subject to drastic developments in functionality, but much like this leaning lamp, designers are pushing the boundaries of office essentials.

Levi Robb released a new line of furniture that includes the 'C L _ 2 LAMP,' which takes an ordinary desk lamp and adds elements that are unconventionally used to push beyond ordinary standards. Using a hand-cast, super thin concrete shell, Robb worked through multiple variations to create the perfect shell for a concrete lamp shade.

Far beyond a conventional lamp and far beyond what conventional concrete is used for, Levi Robb created a thin shell that is equally as durable as it is functional. Making beautiful use of industrial resources, this piece is an essential for any minimalist office space. Beyond that, the leaning lamp has an uncanny resemblance to the Pokemon Bellsprout.