The Lean Skateboard's Wheels Tilt While Turning for Improved Control

 - May 14, 2014
References: pramash & gizmag
Technically, every skateboard is a 'lean skateboard' because it requires the rider to execute turns by leaning. However, the leaning action on regular skateboards is controlled by rubber truck bushings. The Lean Skateboard however replaces the standard truck with a multi-link truck that allows the wheels to tilt into the turn, providing adding power, control and stability.

Many skateboarders like having big wheels because they allow for a fast, smooth ride. However, these wheels result in a higher center of gravity, making sharp turns difficult. To get around this problem, the Lean Skateboard has four-bar linkage trucks which cause the wheels to tilt while turning, making for a smoother turn with reduced chance of wobbling and falling over. By making turns easier, the Lean Skateboard offers a highly responsive and fluid skateboarding experience.