The League of Legends Restaurant Lets You Level Up While You Eat

 - Feb 22, 2013
References: thatsnerdalicious
These are pictures from an actual League of Legends restaurant in China. The game is huge in China, so huge in fact that a restaurant centered around the game exists in Chongqing. It is called Demacia, a name taken from one of the city states in the game. The unofficial restaurant features wait staff dressed as characters from the game.

In addition to dressing the servers up as characters from the game, the League of Legends restaurant has also chosen to call its drinks "potions." Gamers can also play League of Legends when they're done with their meal. The fact that a restaurant such as this can exist proves just how far gamers are willing to go to show their love for a particular title. Video game companies might want to consider beating enterprising restaurateurs to the punch when it comes to themed eateries.