Le Tote Lets Users Rent Full Outfits for $49 per Month

 - Aug 24, 2012
References: launch.letote & mashable
Rentable clothing has been on the rise in the fashion industry, and now there is even a subscription-based service, Le Tote. Le Tote is a San Francisco-based startup that tackles a problem many women face: spending a lot of money on clothing only to wear most items a handful of times.

Le Tote operates as a subscription service for clothing, enabling customers to rent full outfits for a monthly fee of $49. Without shipping fees or return dates, the service is almost like Netflix for fashion, as Mashable describes, providing users with a way to get a steady stream of "new" outfits without spending a lot of money on items that might spend the rest of their days in the back of a closet.

However, the service doesn't allow customers to choose their outfits -- rather, after you fill out your 'Style Profile,' Le Tote sends you a package consisting of three pieces of clothing and two accessories. Then, you'll be contacted by a stylist asking whether you liked what they chose for you.