Le Prestige Mirror has an Obscure Reflection with Your Possessions

 - Feb 1, 2013
References: super-ette
Outside of the funhouse, mirrors are generally kept as flat surfaces, offering people a much more accurate representation of their bodies. The le Prestige Mirror literally breaks this convention, having had its two semicircular halves severed and mounted separately.

Fanny Dora's design for Super-ette includes a small ash wood trough between the two pieces, allowing you to stash a number of small objects. This features makes it a convenient ledge for a bedroom or a front foyer, perhaps for the placement of makeup or your keys, sunglasses or wallet.

If le Prestige Mirror is mounted on the wall beside the entrance to your home, the size of the split reflectors would be just right. Positioned at the optimal height, both tall and short could take a good quick peek at themselves before running out the door.