Toast To The Luxe Life With 'Le Billionaire Champagne'

 - Apr 9, 2009
If you feel bored with your cruisers and private jets, Leon Verres brings you the next must-have luxury, the $2.75 million "Le Billionaire Champagne".

This outrageously expensive Salmanazar bottle series includes nine liters of smooth, aromatic champagne with the full flavor of fruity honey, highlighted by white thorn and vanilla flowery notes. This savory symphony is enrobed by an expensive designer dress, sprinkled with several hundred sparkling diamonds and is topped with an arresting Russian fur cap called ‘Shapka’.

Only five elite champagne bottles, dubbed ‘Piece of history’, are being made available. Astonishingly, purchases by billionaires from Russia, Dubai and China have left only one Leon Verres bottle to be bought. But even if you do not make it to the last piece of the lavish ‘Le Billionaire Champagne’, do not despair; lucky you, 0.75 liter miniature versions will be available for a fair $2,750!