The LD 100 by La Boite Concept Powers and Amplifies Computers

 - Oct 18, 2012
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The LD 100 is a laptop dock for those who would rather hook up their computers rather than their iPhones, iPads and other devices. Like more traditional docks, it is equipped with speakers that provides quality sound for music. Not to mention that it doubles as a charging station. Although the LD 100 is very similar to its predecessors, the LD 130 and LD 120, it is even more compact and streamlined.

Perfect for any home, the LD 100 was designed by La Boite Concept. Outfitted with two 50 watt amplifiers, it still provides the power and the quality of bigger sized cabinets. The LD 100 also boasts wide stereo sound, which is a patented system used only by La Boite Concept.