Laura Leal Captures Genuine Moments of Lonely Introspection

 - Aug 26, 2011
References: flickr & photodonuts
Looking through Laura Leal's portfolio, it's evident that her shots are not professional fashion photography, but that is exactly what makes them so compelling.

Laura Leal, a native of Valenica, Spain, manages to capture deftly lit portraits of women that are open-ended enough to allow the viewer to fill in their own story. Laura Leal's biggest skill as a photographer is her ability to make the backdrop of each shot another character. The tenor of each of her photographs is determined by the theme of the shot, which is an artistic technique many major fashion photographers ignore.

My favorite image in the Laura Leal portfolio features a sad-eyed woman riding a carousel, her face wearing the pain of a woman going through an internal struggle. Laura Leal's photography allows the viewer to feel the emotions of each subject -- which is exactly what any truly talented photographer can do.

Do not be surprised if you see or hear the name Laura Leal more in the near future.